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Jan 10, 2010 9:00am EST
. services for harold brown were held in massachusetts, the security contractor in washington state and in ohio for scott robertson. president obama says he has accepted senator harry reid's apology for remarks the majority leader made about him. in a new book from authors mark halpern and john hilman reed is quoted as saying, quote, obama was able to become the first african- american president because he's light-skinned and, quote, has no negro dialect. the authors are interviewed tonight on "60 minutes." the inventor of the gumby, that green pop culture artifact of the 1950s has died. animateor's creation made its way into toy shops and on to tv. he was 88 years old. last night tennessee's wild card game the cowboys dominated the eagles 34-14. it was the first play-off victory for the cowboys since 1996. earlier in the afc match-up rookie quarterback mark sanchez led the new york jets to a 24-14 win over the cincinatti bengals. play-off action continues later today when the baltimore rains tangle with the new england patriots here on cbs. in a later game the green bay packers wil
Jan 17, 2010 9:00am EST
the devastated nation's wrecked seaport. in washington president obama met with former president george w. bush and bill clinton for about half an hour yesterday. they later talked about their new assignment, a fund-raising effort for haitian relief. >> our longer-term effort will not be measured in days and weeks. it will be measured in months and even years. that's why it's so important to enlist and sustain the support of the american people. >> i know a lot of people want us to send blankets or water. just send your cash. one of the things that the president and i will do is to make sure your money is spent wisely. >> i have no words to say what i feel. we need... i was in those hotels that collapsed. i had meals with people who are dead. the cathedral church that hillary and i sat in 34 years ago is a total rubble. >> osgood: for her part, mrs. clinton, secretary of state hillary clinton, arrived in port-au-prince yesterday for meetings with haitian government leaders. we'll have more on haiti coming up presently. today is first lady michelle obama's birthday. the president surprised her w
Jan 3, 2010 9:00am EST
. >> osgood: commentary from rebecca meade of the new yorker. now to bob schieffer in washington for a look at what's ahead on face the nation. happy new year, bob. >> schieffer: well, the same to you, charles. we're going to revive an old cbs news tradition today. the holiday correspondents' round table. we're bringing together the washington bureau to talk about all of the news. >> osgood: good idea, bob. i miss that. we'll be watching, of course. ahead now on sunday morning. a year remembered. and i'm here to tell a story. my parents all smoked. my grandparents smoked. i've been a long-time smoker. i'm a guy who had given up quitting. what caused me to be interested was, chantix is not a nicotine product and that intrigued me. the doctor said while you're taking it you can continue to smoke during the first week. (announcer) chantix is proven to reduce the urge to smoke. in studies, 44% of chantix users were quit during weeks 9 to 12 of treatment, compared to 18% on sugar pill. today i see myself as a jolly old man, (laughing) who doesn't have to smoke. (announcer) herb quit smoking with
Jan 31, 2010 9:00am EST
the credit crisis.... >> reporter: he's now a visiting scholar at johns hopkins university in washington. teaching classes and at 63 considering his next step. you said, i think, that you didn't want to be treasury secretary just to be treasury secretary. >> that's for sure. >> reporter: you wanted to have an impact. >> yes. >> reporter: you did have an impact. >> i did have an impact. although i would have settled for having had a much smaller impact. >> osgood: next, the grammys by the numbers. opping for car insurance, and our friends said we should start here. good friends -- we compare our progressive direct rates, apples to apples, against other top companies, to help you get the best price. how do you do that? with a touch of this button. can i try that? [ chuckles ] wow! good luck getting your remote back. it's all right -- i love this channel. shopping less and saving more. now, that's progressive. call or click today. unique in its german-tuned suspension, but in its maximum attention to detail, from individually operated dvd players, child monitoring mirror... [ gasps ] [ male
Jan 24, 2010 9:00am EST
: correspondent bill whitaker. now to bob schieffer in washington for a look at what's ahead on face the nation. good morning, bob. >> schieffer: good morning, charles. well, the blow-back from the election in massachusetts, the fate of health care, and campaign finance turned on its head. we'll talk to key senators john mccain and dick durbin about all of it. >> osgood: thank you, bob schieffer. we'll be watching. ahead here on sunday morning, the cold shoulder from bill geist. >> reporter: winter in northern minnesota. at quicken loans, we're making it easier for you to get a home loan. we've got a way for you to check the status of your loan online... securely, any time, anywhere. our e signature technology makes it really easy... for you to sign your documents from home. we've helped over three-quarters of a million families... refinance or purchase their home. it's how we've done things at quicken loans for 25 years now. it's why quicken loans is one of america's largest mortgage lenders. - and that's why i love... - i love being a home loan expert. ♪ - and that's why i love... - i love
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)